8 Benefits of Turmeric & Golden Milk

How to Eat Turmeric Right?
Turmeric will benefit our body only when we eat it in the right way. I had no idea that dull yellow Alleppey turmeric has double the good properties [curcumin that boosts good health] than the bright yellow madras turmeric I generally use in curry. Also, we will not get the benefits of turmeric unless we mix it with ghee, coconut oil, or any fat and boost its absorption with black pepper.

8 Benefits of Turmeric & Golden Milk

8 Benefits of Turmeric & Golden Milk
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Increases Immunity

Whenever I have a cold and cough between seasons I drink this liquid gold. Golden milk along with black pepper, honey, ginger, and cinnamon cures a cold in no time. I like to drink it all through the year and especially during the winter and monsoon because it prevents me from getting a cold or fever altogether.

2. Sleep Better and No Depression

My mother would always give me a hot cup of Haldi ka Doodh aka Golden milk right before I went to bed on school nights. I only learned later that the soothing drink helps us sleep better. Turmeric has curcumin which helps us sleep well. It also helps us tackle stress and depression.

3. Helps Heal Wounds Faster

When I injure myself, have a little sprain, or even after twisting my ankle I drink golden milk. I even apply turmeric with coconut oil over a cut in the kitchen. It stops the bleeding the wound does not get infected. It has now been proved that turmeric has properties that will help heal our wounds faster.

4. Good for Digestion

Turmeric, when eaten right, helps in better digestion by supporting the growth of good bacteria in the gut. It even helps in healing the stomach if you have an infection. I’ve now started adding black pepper each time I use turmeric in my curry so that its healing properties soothe and improve my digestion.

5. Glowing Skin, Scars, and Marks

I apply turmeric on my face for clean and glowing skin. It is also anti-bacterial and its properties prevent and reduce acne on my face. In fact, I apply it on cuts and bruises so that they don’t leave a scar.

6. Acts as a painkiller

It has now been proven that turmeric acts as a painkiller. It naturally activates a process in the body that betters the natural pain-relieving response. Recently, my right shoulder was injured and I found that golden milk really helped in bringing down the pain. Of course, this is my personal experience but as per research turmeric actually does encourage the body to relieve us of pain.

7. Anti-inflammatory

Accordingly, to various studies I have read, turmeric is known to have very effective and excellent anti-inflammatory properties. So if you have an injury, swelling, redness, or infection turmeric will help in healing it. Due to pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory action turmeric is used in curing arthritis, diabetes, heart diseases, and even cancer.

8. Good for people with Diabetes or Cholesterol Issues

If you want to lower your blood sugar and reverse insulin resistance there’s no better natural treatment than adding turmeric into your diet. Turmeric is activated AMPK which improves insulin sensitivity which can help in reversing Type 2 Diabetes. By helping diabetes also reduces stress in arteries and keeps cholesterol in check.

Mommy was right about Haldi ka Doodh!.. Science said so
My mother and grandmother always told me about the benefits of turmeric and how it is an incredible magic ingredient. The great thing is that it is now scientifically proven and many more people are able to reap the benefits of this wonder ingredient! But like I’ve said before, it is important to use the right type of turmeric and combine it with the right ingredients to get maximum benefits for your and your family’s good health.