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These herbs can give relief from cold and cough


These herbs can give relief from cold and cough

Ayurvedic Treatments For Cold And Cough: Even though the winter season is considered pleasant and favorable for excursions. But, with the onset of the winter season, the risk of seasonal health problems and winter allergies also increases. Apart from cold-cough, dry cough, sore throat, and pain due to chills, many problems like accumulation of phlegm in the throat and chest are very common in the winter season. Often people consider them minor and shy away from treating them properly or taking the help of a doctor. But doing so can make the problem more serious. At the same time, many times, due to not taking the problem of cold and cold seriously, many other health problems also start. The herbs mentioned in the form are easily available around us. Some such Ayurvedic methods of relief from these seasonal diseases are suggested by Dr. Pratap Chauhan

eminent Ayurvedacharya and Head of Jiva Ayurveda (Dr. Partap Chauhan, an Ayurvedachanrya and Director of Jiva Ayurveda) read here which herbs can be used to get relief from cold and cough.

These herbs can give relief from cold and cough
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These Ayurvedic remedies can give relief from cold and cough

Dr. Chauhan says that some common but beneficial things present in the kitchen can prove to be very effective in winter health problems like cold, fever, and cough. In Ayurveda, these things are said to be able to fight infections. These herbs are as follows:


as garlic has antibacterial properties. In such a situation garlic has been used for a long time in home remedies

for relief from problems like colds and coughs. (Properly being benefits of Garlic) To get relief from these problems due to cold, crushed garlic can be consumed.


This spice found in homes is used for relief from cold-cold to digestive problems. According to Dr. Chauhan, ginger is rich in elements that protect against bacteria, inflammation, and infections and can reduce the problem of cold-cough

(Properly being benefits of Ginger in winters)

Cinnamon and Liquorice Kwath

Common Cinnamon and licorice quart can prove to be beneficial in removing the problem of cold. (Dalchini and Mulethi Kwath)

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